Monday, February 4, 2013

30 Day Challenge

I know you have heard me sing praises about the workout life style we follow. I call it a lifestyle because after 3 years it certainly has become a lifestyle.  We have integrated it wholly into our lives and missing a day at the gym is like forgetting to breathe.

We Crossfit and strength train.  We love it.  There are numerous reasons why we love it and I could list them all here but it would take a long time not to mention getting way off track. 

There is, however,  one reason I would like to mention.

The gym we train at it, Synergy Strength and Conditioning, is fantastic for its programming, personal training, nutrition counselling etc.  but what really makes it so fabulous is the community.

A group of like-minded people at various stages of physical fitness who come together to work out! Hard!!!  We cheer each other on to achieve strength, endurance, wellness, and personal goals.  We have made some good friends and it feels like home when we walk through the doors.  

We laugh, sweat, cry, moan, bitch, challenge, cajole, and yell at each other through workouts (called WODs - work out of the day).  We workout with people ranging from 17-67.  No one judges you for not being at the 'same level' as everyone else.  You are where you are.  You set your goals for you.  We tell each other "can't" isn't acceptable (sometimes telling ourselves this is a little harder) and we hold people accountable to what we know they can accomplish.  No one is ever left alone finishing a work out - you stay and cheer the last person on to the end.

In short, it is a pretty awesome community, our Synergy Strength family, and one we are proud to be a part of.

So, where is this going? Right, the fantabulous community of Synergy has struck again.  This time in the form of a "30 Day Challenge".  It started with one person throwing it out on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to take part and it has grown to over 30 people in a matter of 24 hours.  Pretty cool.

What is the "30 Day Challenge" you ask? Quite simply it is this: you choose 1 (max 2) things that you want to adhere to every single day. Ex: no alcohol, or Read for 30 mins. Every time you "cheat" you have to pay $20 into the pot at end of 30 days we get together and spend it. 

Now, we are headed off to the land of L.A. towards the end of this challenge so I didn't think I would be able to participate because we wouldn't be here for the "Hoorah we did it party".  But then I thought, "Nah, I'm totally still gonna do it and I'm gonna incorporate our holiday into it." 

My "30 Day Challenge goal" is this:

Part One - Canada

1. Muscle-up volume training every week
2. Put more weight on the bar over the next 4 weeks to really challenge myself
3. Believe in my own self worth (this is ongoing)

Part Two - LA LA Land

1. Eat healthy while we are in L.A.
2. Workout in 2 Crossfit boxes while there - (a gym in Crossfit is called a "box" because they are typically box shaped, warehouse-type facilities.

I know I have 3 goals for my time here before we go but I really need to work on my self-worth and I need to make myself accountable by talking about there...I did.

Now, I challenge anyone and everyone who reads my blog to do their own version of a "30 Day Challenge".  It can be something as easy as getting up when the alarm goes off instead of pushing snooze, no sugar in your coffee, going for a walk 3 times a week, reading a book, or whatever you want it to be.

Post your goal here, on Facebook or your blog and challenge your friends and family too. 

I will keep you updated as to how I am doing so I hope to hear from you too.