Saturday, December 7, 2013

Act of Kindness Day 7

Today's Act of Kindness is "Write A Kind Rhyme".

"Your good deed is to write a mini poem expressing gratitude to someone (or to a group of people) you love."

There is a very special group of people I am going to write my mini poem about.  I see them almost every day and only for an hour but they have made a huge impact on my life and so I thought I would tell them I love them in rhyme!!

Please bare with me here...I am not a poet and I know it!

There once was a group named the Buttercups,
who proudly decreed "suck it up".
Ronda, Jojo, Derek, Rana, Yvan, Joe, Phil, Rochelle, Corrinne and Randy,
at all things Crossfit they were quite handy.
They like to do "Fran",
as fast as Matt Chan.
Without them at noon,
I would sing a sad, sad tune,
So I wrote them this poem,
to tell them I love 'em!

Hummmmm, ya,  it's the thought that counts right!

Thanks to my Buttercups for being there to cheer me on whenever I need it!!

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