Friday, December 6, 2013


Nope, I didn't have a brain fart and misspell the title of the my post.

I know it's late but I didn't see this very cool and fun adventure until just now.

Thank goodness for Facebook or I wouldn't have seen it all!! 

Now, the late part refers to the fact this little "AoK" awesomeness started December 1st and it is already December 6th but I am jumping on the kindness wagon anyways.

What am I talking about?

Why it's the "Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar" of course or "AoK"

You can go here and read all the details. Then you should sign up just like I did.

I'll wait while you go read, sign up, receive your confirmation and have a look at your first task.....

...........................................................................................Oh good!! You're finally back!

If you are like me, sometimes not so tech savvy or can't see the thing you are looking for even if it is right in front of you,  you go to "The Acts of Kindness Advent" calendar and click on today's date. A little Internet magic will happen and a new page will load where it will tell you the day's "Aok". It will also give you suggestions of what you can do for acts of kindness.  If for some reason you can't think of your own that is.

I. Love. It.

In the past, I have purchased coffee for someone behind me in the drive-thru line up at Tim Horton's few times. It just feel so fun doing random things for people and they don't know who it was. The anonymity of it excites me I guess. These have been few and far between and I need to do more acts of kindness. 

We all need to do more acts of kindness. Yup, I said it! WE ALL NEED TO DO MORE RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS!! There seems to be a growing trend to acting more kind these and it is a good, good, very good thing.  "Giving Tuesday" and "Random Acts of Kindness Day" are examples from just the past month.

 We can all get caught up in our own little world so easily.   Facebook, Twitter and Instagram don't help because you can see what people are up to without even having to make an effort any more.  Want to know how life is going for a friend, scroll through your news feed and you will find status updates telling you what they are doing at any given point of the day. I am a big 'Facebook addict' so I know this to be true even of myself.  Have the kids done anything cute lately, what kind of 'selfie' has your BFF posted lately, well head over to Instagram and you will find out.

 Phone calls have become almost obsolete. At least in our house they seem to be almost extinct and I don't count the calls where you answer the phone and you hear the horn of the cruise ship followed by the sound of some lovely lady's voice telling you about the fantastic trip you have won if you will press 1 and hold for the next available operator. 

Nope.  It's time to connect and looking back over the "AoKs" from the first few days it seems to be about connecting.  Taking time to acknowledge a loved one and spread some kindness and love. 

I like it. I like it a lot!

And hey, I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

So, if you ignored me early when I told you to go sign up now is the time to go and do it! I'll post daily what I've done and if you like you can post in the comments section what you have done, or on Facebook or better yet...tell me in person the next time you see me!

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