Friday, December 13, 2013

High Five Friday!

My "Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar" tells me it is "High Five Friday" so I'm going all out today.

If you are lucky enough to see me in person, watch out I'm going to high five you!!

So be ready for it!!!

I am loving  participating in acts of kindness. I haven't been posting about it everyday because life is busy but I have been doing them.

Want to get in on "High Five Friday"?

All you have to do is read this:

Today, we are going to explore the most universal gesture of celebration, appreciation, camaraderie, and cooperation. The High Five!

Lifting your hand to shoulder height and slapping the hand of another person is a simple yet powerful action because it literally connects people both physically and emotionally. Here are a few examples of high five micro-moments of connection.

* What do you do when you make the perfect guess during a wild game of charades? High five.
* When your favourite team scores a big goal? High five.
* When you secure a new client? High five.
* When you tell your
life coach about achieving your latest goal? High five.
* When a one-year old walks for the first time? High five.

How about when you meet someone for the first time and a hug feels outside of your comfort zone? I think you’ve guessed the answer by now.

Your good deed for today is simple. Venture forth and engage at least one person in a celebratory high five. If you really want to get into a festive mood, give out high fives all day. I challenge you to give out 25. I challenge you to make a video of it and share it on YouTube.

I am already at 5 for the day and those are just people I know.

I can't wait to "High Five Friday" some random strangers and if you know me you know I will do it!!

High five away my friends.

P.S. I originally asked my husband to be in the high five photo but apparently he is a "High Five Grinch" so the lovely Kristina, my friend and co-worker, took the high five in style!

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