Thursday, December 19, 2013

I've Been Swept Off My Feet

I haven't felt this way in quite some time.

A new love interest has my heart racing, pounding out of my chest almost....

I get antsy and excited whenever he is around.

He is quite tall in stature. I'd say about 14 hands high.

His legs are long, lean and strong. His torso is full and extremely capable of holding me close.

I love to run my hands through his wavy, blond mane and I dare say he quite enjoys it as well.

And his eyes, oh my, his eyes, they are a melt-your-heart-chocolate-brown color and I could get lost in them forever.

He is never afraid to look me directly in the eyes and let me know what he is thinking either.


We have been meeting once a week. It's never enough.

After I have spent time with him I feel so relaxed, at peace, happy, and grounded.

When I'm not with him, I dream of when I will see him again.

Sadly, I don't think I am the only the love of his life. 

I see how the other ladies look at him when we are together.

In fact, they are so bold as tell me how beautiful they think he is.

When I am not around they probably ask if they can spend some time with him too and ever the gentleman I'm sure he says yes.

It behooves me to share him, to push my selfishness aside, to bite my tongue instead of spewing forth my jealous thoughts.

He is so kind and gentle yet strong and steadfast all at the same time.

Being the strong, silent type he doesn't say much.

Sometimes he tells me with a nicker in my ear what he is thinking....

...other times he is bolder and lets out a neigh or a snort.

He carries me around on his back - I feel like a young girl again.

He makes me feel strong, confident, in charge....I think he likes it this way.

I like to rub and kiss his soft, brown, furry nose when we are just standing looking at each other.

Who is this gentle giant that has stolen my heart you ask?

His name is Henry which means "home ruler" and it suits him well.

He had me at "Woah!"

P.S. He is not mine - I just get to borrow him....I am honored and blessed to be able to spend time with him week after week.

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